The new project for an automobile brand at KYIV International Airport

At the beginning of July passengers of one of flights of Wizz Air Airlines which have arrived from the Trevizo Airport to the Terminal "A" of the International airport "KIEV", were the first who saw the advertizing installation which was placed in the baggage claim terminal.
jeep ambient campaign in kyiv airport
Non-standard advertizing at the Airport "KIEV" is a part of campaign of brand "Jeep" with the promotional offer on 2013 year models.

Creative idea of campaign "Appreciate a scope with Jeep" was interpreted very effectively and very simply at the same time. The front zone of the baggage claim terminal was branded in the form of a capacious luggage boot of the "Jeep" car.

The advertizing panno with the message about favorable car prices of "Grand Cherokee" 2013 year models was placed near the installation.
Jeep в АП "КИЕВ" (Жуляны)