The selling of advertising has started on the exclusive premium area of Ukraine

The first customer was a car brand of Mercedes-Benz General representative in Ukraine — company "Avtokapital".
mercedes-benz ambient ad terminal B kyiv zhulyany
16 February in the Central hall of Terminal B started a promotional exhibition novelties automaker Mercedes-Benz. Exposure shift will be made every time a new model will come out with the Bavarian line.

The Company RTM-Ukraine offers a unique advertising platform to promote products of a premium class Business terminal B of the Kyiv International Airport which was commissioned in December 2013.In the coming days on the square near the Terminal B will be installed super-sites of format 16х4, 20х5 m.

In its style, design, high comfort level and functionality Terminal B of the Kyiv International Airport has no analogues in Ukraine that require special advertising solutions that meet the ideology of service of passengers of business aviation.

RTM-Ukraine uses the latest technology in halls of the Airport while the number of advertising locations remains concise. The first extraordinary advertising solutions developed with the active participation of the management of the Terminal are already being implemented and waiting for their customers.

Terminal C of the Kyiv International Airport is part of the system's Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) providing the complex of structures and services for business aviation. The capacity of the Terminal allows to serve up to 100 passengers per hour.

Ukraine is among top ten countries in the aviation market business aviation. To date, the volume of flights of Ukrainian business aviation is about 1.5 thousand hours per month. About 70% of all flights have on the Kiev hub where the undisputed leader in the number of business flights is the Kyiv International Airport.