PORSCHE in "KYIV" Airport

2013/03/31 in "A" Terminal was installed for promotion new PORSCHE Panamera 4.
The car looks perfectly in the Central Hall on the ground floor where it is visible for every kind of passengers. First of all for those who comes to the Terminal for departure, go to the Registration zone and wait for flighton the 2nd floor of Terminal "A".

The installation process was professional and organized thanks to professionals of official dealer in Ukraine "Winner Automotive", thanks to the Airport administration and managers from Transit Advertising Department of "RTM-Ukraine".

The stylish auto attracted huge interest and attention of passengers at once. A lot of ad flyers were taken by people interested in PORSCHE, and dealers gave some consultations about Panamera 4 and other models.

Let us remind that according to the Airport Stories World survey done by JCDecaux and Opinion Way exhibiting and testing are ones of the most expected sorts of advertisement in airports. Travellers are open to the new experiences and they are ready to have them.

One of the passengers answered the questionif he would be interested to look at the new auto model at the airport: " I can't buy it right now, of course, but I᾿mabsolutely sure I᾿ll pay my attention to this car later".
Установка PORSCHE на экспонирование