First European standard bus shelters appear in Kiev

The group of Companies "RTM-Ukraine" has placed two bus shelters on the area of the Victory Square.
New transit shelters on the Victory Square have European design. Precisely same constructions decorate streets of cities of France, Germany, Italy, Czech and other European countries.

For the first time in Kiev bus shelters design provides special boards for private adverts. "RTM-Ukraine" hope, that Kiev citizens will begin to place the advertisements there, instead of pasting adverts all over the construction as it happens with all operating pavilions. Functionally the design provides passengers with the good review and protection from a bad weather.

Manufacturing techniques of pavilions — is an absolute know-how for Kiev in which all bus-stops are constructed with metal rusting in 1st year of use, and are covered by usual paint.

"RTM-Ukraine's" shelters are made of a steel with a special corrosion-resistant coating and covered with aluminum profile which, in turn, is covered by the architectural powder paint especially resistant to scratches and other household damages. This covering is perfectly cleared — in case if Kiev citizens don't notice panels for advertisements at first.

For side and back walls, city-lights and boards, the tempered glass is used. The roof is made of especially strong glass with the matte film creating a shade in pavilion.

In the European constructions metal benches, as a rule, are installed. "RTM-Ukraine" has improved this element, having put benches from wood in the pavilions, keeping the same temperature all year round.

Unique technologies and high quality materials guarantee at least 10-year-old operation of transit shelters without annual repainting and upgrades. Cost of manufacturing and installation of one pavilion — 75 000 UAH.

It is the first project of "RTM-Ukraine" in Kiev. The manufacturing techniques and installations are fulfilled by us on performance of large orders for Odessa. Today capacities of "RTM-Ukraine" allow to equip Kiev with the unique bus-stop pavilions completely, absolutely conforming to the world standards and the status of Kiev as the European capital.