Statics VS dynamics? What is the way to deliver your content?

There is no such dilemma in digital outdoor advertising, because it combines all the best and increases the potential of your creativity.
Offering the DNP Airport to the market, we have sent our customers digital content requirements. They contained 3 options: an electronic poster, an animated email poster, and a video. And guess what? Most customers who bought DNP, prepared a video for it!
As specialists in outdoor advertising, which mostly work with posters - static plots - we are a little sad: is that the posters' end and everything will soon be not just a digital, but a video?

The popularity of the video grows in Internet advertising: the video content has high click-through-rate (CTR), attracting advertisers. But Internet marketing experts know: both static and dynamic plots have the same odds for super-successful campaigns! The main things are expediency and quality of the content!

There is no point in comparing video and electronic poster to choose one of them. Each type of advertising has advantages. For example, it's easier and faster to make an electronic poster: give the professional designer a clear brief and in a few hours or even minutes you will have a ready plot for a quick start of the campaign. Attractive images, clear slogans or call-to-action, high quality graphic design, — and the campaign will be noticeable. As this Brazilian advertisement for Jeep from the agency F.biz.
городская уличная мебель и наружная реклама
But you can go further. Digital Out-of-Home advertising gives a poster dynamics that is guaranteed to cling to the eye. Compare two plots on a digital and static media.
Digital animated poster, which RTM Digital also offers as an advertising content for DNP, has the same benefits as the video: it can provide more product information. And it can be easy changed: seasonal promotions, new top-notch discounts, customer reviews, etc.
In the context of digital outdoor advertising, perhaps the only advantage of the video over the animated posters that the video gives more opportunities to show the product from different sides, from different angles, the video can tell a cool story ...

Just take a look at this video for Volvo from the agency. Forsman & Bodenfors:
And take a look at the animated poster for Cadillac from Rokkan (USA).
Competition between them is impossible, they are both good! The only important clarification is: the specificity of Out-of-Home media is that the consumer is moving past the content. And for better perceptions of advertising one thing should be static for at least a few seconds: either you or advertisement. So the video for Volvo is better s for online advertising and it was prepared for it, by the way. The DOOH video has some specifics that our experts know.

So, when you prepare content for DNP, do not be frustrated that there is no one to make a video, although RTM Digital can help you with that. Do not forget about an equally effective way: a digital animated poster.
Use our digital networks for your great dynamic ideas!