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Hello, anamorphic illusions!
It's an eye catching show and an old new visual trend in Out-of-Home advertising. Why we call it an "old new" you can find out in the "RTM-Ukraine" Chief PR Officer comment for Adsider Ukraine. The article is available on the Russian language by the link.
Ukrainian DOOH market is on global trend
Find some data and forecast for Ukrainian DOOH market trends. The article is available on Russian language by the link.
NOT ONLY MASK: an Outdoor ad 2020 creative overview
You'll find below some examples of Outdoor creative works in this year prepared by "RTM-Ukraine" for Marketing Media Review magazine on Russian.
Staying Indoor more than a month
How worldwide Out-of-Home media did help to share social messages you will find out in "RTM-Ukraine" Russian language review by the link.
Outdoor ad clients activity during 2019
"RTM-Ukraine" has done analytics about Digital Outdoor ad clients activity during the year 2019 based on its own data. The article is available on the Russian language by the link here.
Focus to the usefulness
For Marketing Media Review we have prepared the review of the best Outdoor ad campaigns of the 2019 in "RTM-Ukraine" opinion. The text is on the russian language you can observe by the link.
Oleg Nevelchuk: Digital Outdoor Media is could and should be researched
"RTM-Ukraine"' CEO has told the history and the new way of Ukrainian Digital Out-of-Home media to
Oleg Nevelchuk: Digital will provide the rise of Outdoor Media which still remains the key media and maybe will lift it up in on the 1st place
"RTM-Ukraine"' CEO summed up the results of 2018 and gave the forecast for 2019...
Bird feeder and Whether forcast
For the coolest OoH advertising campaigns read go to the link...
From quantity to insights. Modern Outdoor media research
Ukrainian Outdoor media research and worldwide trens you'll find on the link in Russian language.
Mixed Reality: creative digital Out-of-Home Media
The best in DOOH by RTM-Ukraine choice. Read more in Ukrainian...
Ukrainian Association of OOH advertising companies informs
The Kyiv Profile Commission has summarized the suggestions and comments to the updated Concept of outdoor advertising. Read more in Ukrainian...
How to promote Recreation & Leisure in Outdoor Medium
When we are on the top of summer season tourist companies ready to close up summer ad campaigns and to start to think of new season — the New Year's Celebrations are coming soon! Read more...
Perspectives of Britain modern Outdoor Media
Technologies, personalization of ad messages, making it consumption as easy as possible but really useful. This is all about modern trends of Outdoor ad in Great Britain. Read more...
Effectiveness of Outdoor Medium in the context of travelling
Nielsen last recearches have proved that billboards and other Outdoor constructions standing across the highways are very effective. One of this recearches had been done by the order of American Outdoor Advertising Association and was really helpfull for specialists in our industry. Read more...
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