Sales-house in Out-of-Home media
OOН advertising in all formats in any point of Ukraine. Effective solution of communication tasks of the Customer with media planning tools (OTS, GRP, Reach, Frequency) and post-campaign analysis. RTM-Ukraine is a leader of Digital Out-of-Home market in Ukraine
The owner of the advertising inventory
About 7,000 private planes of popular formats in 27 cities. The monthly planes turnover of more than 12 000 surfaces.
Exclusive advertising partner of the Kyiv International Airport (Zhulyany). System advertising operator on the Railways of Ukraine.
Production capacity and service
Nationwide monitoring and logistics service. Production, installation and maintenance of advertising inventory. City improvement projects.
"RTM-Ukraine' SOV in the TOP 10 of the largest national outdoor advertising companies is 9 %. The company is the 2nd by the number of ad equipment among almost 700 advertising companies in Ukraine


Oleg Nevelchuk
Director General
The founder of the Company, which for 15 years of successful work has grown in the Group "RTM-Ukraine". Our absolute leader and mentor. Oleg is in charge of the Group strategic development issues .
Valeriy Filipchuk
Executive director
In the Company since 2002. In 2004 was appointed Director of "RTM-Media". Since 2007 — ED of "RTM-Ukraine". Is responsible for ensuring the efficient operation of the Company.
Borys Nevelchuk
"RTM Digital" Director
Borys is responsible for DOOH development.
He is in charge with mantling and servicing
of "RTM-Ukraine" DNP
Oleg Voloshin
"Technogroup" Director
Works since its foundation. Created from zero-base Service of "RTM-Ukraine". Ensures effective development and maintenance of a network of advertising carriers.
Vasil Ratushny
Executive Officer of "Outdoor Ukraine"
Run the Company which develops Outdoor advertising in large format as highway arhces advertising.
Tetiana Solomenko
Chief Commercial Officer
In the company from 2006. Since 2016 is in charge of Commercial Department. Is member of the Technical Committee of the Industrial Committee of Outdoor Advertising of Ukraine.
Alla Pavlova
Head of Analytics Department
Came to "RTM-Ukraine" in 2006 to the position of Manager of Sales Department, 2 years later she headed the Department. From June 2016 she is the Head of Analytics Department.
Tetiana Kutsenko
Head of Media buing department
Almost 20 years of experience in outdoor advertising. Worked as a Mediadirektor, managed sales, a set of integrated programmes and buying.
Tetiana Denysiuk
Chief PR Officer
More than 16 years in PR. Has worked both in Agency and on Client side. She is responsible for Company's communication with mass media, effective external and internal communications.
The main advertising groups in Ukraine


March-April, 2020. During the spring months affected by COVID-19 crisis "RTM-Ukraine" made its DNP Regional Network bigger and stronger adding to it new ad carriers in some new cities like Ivano-Frankivsk, Kherson, Kharkiv, Odessa, etc.

June, 2020. Meeting the film audience needs and being soft quarantined "RTM Digital" with partners has opened car cinema providing it with 144 sq. m digital screen.

October, 2020. Now DNP Regional is completely formed advertising package providing digital outdoor advertising in 17 Ukrainian cities on 69 ad panels. The first facade digital ad screen is installed by "RTM Digital' and it's partner in Kyiv.

November, 2020. The second facade digital panel is appeared on the 60, Taras Shevchenko Boulevard which means the new DNP launch in Kyiv.
January 2019. Since the beginning of the year "RTM-Ukraine' and its affiliated company "RTM Digital" have added to their Kyiv Digital Network Panels new ad constructions. Now our digital outdoor networks in Kyiv consists of 89 digital panels: DNP Boulevard — 32 panels; DNP KYIV CityBoard_01 — 35 panels; DNP KYIV CityCenter — 22 panels.

March 2019. "RTM-Ukraine" has launched the very first in Ukraine digital outdoor ad network on the KYIV Passenger Railway station. We have 7 digital panels effectively located on the main point in Central Hall, Concourse and South Terminal.
February 2018. "RTM Digital" affiliated company has launched new product to the market: Digital Network Panel. The very first digital advertising network has created in KYIV International Airport named by Igor Sikorsky where "RTM Ukraine" Group of Companies is the only official advertising company. There are 25 modern professional 4K panels, computers and network equipment, which organized into the DNP Airport.

May 2018. The first digital outdoor advertising media gallery has been launched in Ukraine on the Taras Shevchenko Boulevard. From June, 2018 DNP Boulevard totally put into service and now broadcasts our clients of the new Ukrainian digital advertising.

September 2018. The new word in Kyiv's Outdoor advertising is Digital City Board. There is a middle Digital Outdoor ad format has been installed on the streets of Kyiv.
May 2017. Social project. On spring Odessa park Memorial 411th battery needs new benches. Our company ordered some items and gave them to Odessa community

January 2016. "RTM-Ukraine" has stopped the usage of advertising format of overhead banners (5x1 m) in Kiev, removing all of them until 1 February 2016. 12-year successful project has completed. The decision was made to regulate outdoor advertising in Kiev, reducing its amount, providing European principles of development.

May 2016. "RTM-Ukraine" has won the tender of the Igor Sikorskyi Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany) and confirmed its right to be the exclusive representative of the Airport in the advertising market. The company offers all types of outdoor advertising at the Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany), BTL-actions, ambient campaigns and special events.
June 2015. "RTM-Ukraine" has opened the Internet-Agency "RTM digital" as part of Group of Companies. The Agency offers a full range of planning tools and campaigns on the Internet: individual and package sales of media advertising (banner and video), behavioral targeting, nonstandard advertising, cross-media projects.

October 2015. A pilot project of territory improvement in Bila Tserkva: 2 bus shelters (equipped with recharge terminals and free Wi-Fi), advertising column and lighting of the colonnade and stairs in the Park in Levanevskogo street.

December 2015. Works on city improvement have completed in Kharkov: have installed 3 transit shelters on Moskovsky prospect, 5 transit shelters in Klochkovskaya str., 12 d info panels of format 3x6 m and 22 led figures "Star" on lanterns along Moscow Avenue.
The next stage of comprehensive improvement of the main streets of Vinnitsa with transit shelters. On the pedestrian part of Pirogova street has installed a unique illumination of 10 figures shaped as birds and people. The illumination was made on the basis of energy saving technologies and consumes no more power than 2 lanterns.
One of the main streets of Vinnitsa, Kotsyubinsky Avenue, decorated with modern led lights, which is on the order of "RTM-Ukraine" produced by the Austrian company "MKILLIMINATION". The new lighting is part of the project for the comprehensive improvement of the streets of new advertising media city format (city lights, billboards, bus stops). The project continues on other streets of Vinnytsia in 2014
March 2012. "RTM-Ukraine" became the winner of the tender for the right to do improvement works in Kharkov. According to the decision of the Executive Committee, the company installs bus shelters in 10 streets and highways of the city.

May 2012. Has implemented an advertising project in the new terminal A of Kyiv International Airport (Zhulyany). "RTM-Ukraine" is the winner of the tender for the exclusive advertising operator at the Airport and, according to the contract, has installed 90 advertising carriers of different formats and a complex of indoor-advertising of 24 modern LED-screens.
"RTM-Ukraine" announces the development of a new outdoor format — European middle. Carrier of size 2x3 m with internal lighting and scrolling system. They harmoniously fit into the urban environment and are accompanied by satellites in the line of outdoor furniture. The Group of Companies have already established mass production of scrolling billboards in Ukraine on the basis of imported components.
Was completed a 2-year project of "RTM-Ukraine" for the setting in the Central streets of Odessa modern, functional and stylish outdoor furniture. The company installed new transit shelters, benches and lanterns in parks, city clock, city-lights and billboards.
The share of advertising planes of "RTM-Ukraine" among the total number of advertising carriers has grew to 8 %. The company is the 3rd operator of outdoor advertising by the number of inventory and the largest national operator.
"RTM-Ukraine" expands its presence in the South of the country, becoming a shareholder in one of the leading companies in Odessa – RA «Сity» and adding to its address program 325 planes of city-format and 58 back-lights.
The start of the installation of street furniture in Odessa became the beginning of the development of a new direction of "RTM-Ukraine" — the implementation of integrated projects of city improvement.
February 2007. The purchase of assets of operator LLC "Advertising Agency "AMCI Group" by "RTM-Ukraine" increases the number of its advertising surfaces and occupies the 3rd place in the market of outdoor advertising of Ukraine.

November 2007. The company increased the network carriers in the Chernihiv region by purchasing the local operator the company "Advertising and Printing".
"RTM-Ukraine" expands the presence in Donetsk through the purchase of local carrier network "Ukrspetsreklama"; in Kharkiv — the company "Kraft", in Nikolaev – company "Sigma Sport Invest".
It was created the company "Outdoor-Ukraine" for implementation a new project for the market — covering the main highways with network of advertising arches of large format. "Outdoor-Ukraine" operates 77 carriers "Arch" with 154 promotional planes of size 3х18 m.
It was launched an ideology and format new project — a network of overhead banners 1x5 m, more than 1,200 planes. For the project in the Group of "RTM-Ukraine" affiliated company "Outdoor-Alliance", which becames the No. 1 operator in the segment of advertising on overhead banners.
"RTM-Ukraine" expanded its network with the new urban middle format option installed in Kyiv, Mykolayiv and Kharkiv modern network of ad pylons 1,5x3 m.
It was implemented an ambitious and risky project, the success of which exceeded all expectations: there was a line of boards 8x4 m on the route Kiev-Borispol.
We have begun an active campaign to increase its own network of "RTM-Ukraine" by purchasing assets of existing operators of outdoor advertising.
February 2001 — creation of the LLC "RTM-Ukraine", the head company of the future Group. It was started the project of installation of advertising carriers on the railway stations of the country.

In the autumn of 2001 "RTM-Ukraine" installed in Kiev the first line of billboards 3x6 m, which was the beginning of formation of the company's nationwide advertising network.