In Odessa the European transit shelters are broken

The national operator of outdoor advertising Group of Companies "RTM-Ukraine" says about numerous acts of vandalism against its advertising carriers and city transit shelters. We ask the public to participate in monitoring the safety of stops: (096) 690 33 33
For the period from January to March, 2017 7 glass panels of city lights at transit shelters, 8 lateral and front glass panels of transit shelters on the Shevchenko Avenue were broken and installed new ones. 4 glass panels of information display the company will have changed until the end of March. 10 glass panels of city lights were savagely broken and installed the new ones on the road to the Odessa International Airport. We believe that was domestic vandalism and claim about the increasing control and monitoring of our ad carriers in Odessa.
For advertising carriers of "RTM-Ukraine" tempered glass is used well known for high mechanical strength and high toughness. It is impossible to break this glass "accidentally"; the glass can't "fall out", they are firmly glued into the frame designs. Therefore, the company believes that destruction is carried out deliberately with the intention of causing material damage. We do not exclude acts of unfair competition by local companies which aim to damage the reputation of the national OOH operator.

"RTM-Ukraine" is the largest company in the market of outdoor advertising in Odessa with a share of 16 % in the number of inventory. In 2008 the company, at the request of the city administration, implementing the country's first project of complex improvement, installed transit shelters on Shevchenko Avenue. In subsequent years we installed transit shelters in other streets of the seaside district, in the Kyivsky and Malinovsky districts of Odessa. Our transit shelters are the same as in all the cities of Europe.
It is important to note that broken tempered glass is safe for others, because it breaks into many small fragments with blunt edges. But the view of broken carriers is really ugly and does not meet the status of the modern Odessa, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

"RTM-Ukraine" refers to the indifferent inhabitants of Odessa: if you notice a damaged design or witness of domestic act of vandalism on the streets, call the company at tel. (096) 690 33 33; (044) 490 63 33.

In cooperation with law enforcement, city administration, with the participation of the residents of Odessa we will be able to prevent and promptly repair the damage, to ensure the functionality of carriers and neat streets of Odessa.